The best baby name generators and games–and what you need to know about them

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In today’s day and age of apps and online games, even baby names are getting in on the action. Just about anything can be randomized or turned into a poll or divided up into neatly placed multiple-choice questions and soon enough you know the name of whatever god or goddess your child should be named after.

Baby name generators are typically not as game-oriented as some of these other apps and activities are, but they are just as fun to plug in some information or to look by your favorite letter of the alphabet or just jump in for a random selection. The point is that it’s just fun to do and when you’re digging for a baby name, it can sometimes be good to lighten the mood a bit. I can feel a bit daunting to try to choose a name that your child will have forever. So forget for a moment about the seriousness of the matter and let’s talk about these fun baby name generators and a short list of some of the best ones to use.

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A bit about how name generators work:

Baby name generators are made from the same type of technology as random word generators, which you can create for yourself easily online using a website like this one: Random Word Generator. The technology is rather simple and you can set up an account at one of these word generator websites and create your own random word generator for various topics. Baby companies and baby websites often will adopt this type of technology into a word selector that provides baby girl names, baby boy names, common names, unique names, historical names, names about flowers etc. They can choose pretty much any kind of topic or title and then fill in the names that you collect from various sources. So if you are going to a baby website and using their name generator, you are utilizing the concept of randomization but you are limited to the input of names by the designer of that baby name generator.

If you visit the site multiple times or use a name generator several times you may notice a pattern of hitting the same names over and over. As much fun as it is to think that this is all a message from the cosmos, which you are open to interpreting your own signs as you see them, it is more likely to be a result of the limited field of names provided to the generator.

Having said that, there are some really good ones out there. We’ll highlight a few of those and what we like about them.

Baby Name Generators

Baby Boy Names, Baby Girl Names, Names from A to Z Baby Names by Babienet Blog

Our very own Babienet blog has a baby name generator and also a baby name game. The baby name generator works on three parameters; baby girl names, baby boy names, and “all” which includes gender-neutral and all other names.

The baby name generator is one of the more simple ones to use. You click on the generator and open up a page with a selection of the top for boy, girl, and any. After making a selection you merely navigate the letters of the alphabets to pull up lists under each letter and then you can browse the name lists.

For example, I put in baby girl names and chose the P. Here’s a screenshot of what showed up and there are four pages of baby girl names that begin with the P. As you can see they are a mixture of backgrounds and aren’t only English names which is helpful to those who want names inspired by multiple cultures.

The names do not appear to be hyperlinked at first but if you double-click on any name that interests you it pulls up a little box which tells you a little bit more about the meaning of the name, gives you a chance to share the name on your Facebook or your Instagram with friends and members of your family to see what they think of that cool name. And you can also mark it as one of your favorites or you can write that name as well. Here’s a screenshot when I chose the name Precious.

As I mentioned before, this website also has a baby name game which is actually a game-ified process of choosing a baby name. It has a very casino-like atmosphere that makes the whole thing a lot of fun.

To make it fun you can include this as an activity for an online baby naming event that you hold on Facebook. Or send it to your family and friends and see what everyone comes up with. It’s just the fun game that can be utilized to generate interest and support and excitement over your pregnancy and upcoming baby. This would make a fun baby shower game!

Hold a competition with the name of your baby in a jar and have your participants play the baby name game by spinning the roulette wheel. Give a prize to whoever comes the closest to your baby’s name! I spun the wheel a few times and my favorite name I “won” was the beautiful girl name of Wynter. I think that is lovely–the spelling of it too. Spin the wheel and see what you get!

Baby Name Generator

The next one is a bit of fun and is based in the UK. While many websites are narrowly focused on a few smaller parameters this website is full of possibilities of different fields that you can fill out and generate a suggested baby name.

For example, you can get a random prompt to totally choose a baby name at random. You can set the gender selection, the only two options being male and female. You can input the baby surname, your own name, the place where the baby was conceived, or even your favorite musician. You can input the names of several close people in your family or circle of friends that mean a lot to you or possibly people in your life that have passed away. Your favorite movie star, your favorite sports personality, your favorite kind of car, your parents names or even the kind of technological things that you like. You can decide whether or not a long name is okay and even what kind of person you hope your baby will become.The name suggestions are made based on the information that you input.

I plugged in a few variables and hit go and waited for the generation of perfect baby names for me and instantly received a warning that I had not filled out all of the information. As it turns out you have to fill out this questionnaire pretty thoroughly to generate baby names. Which is okay because all of that input going in is a measured parameter. You can also choose to completely randomize all of the answers and just see what you get which is fun. I decided to fill in the questionnaire randomly (since I always think I will direct the results myself by thinking ahead about my answers) and then just adjust/fill in the answers on the fields that matter the most to me.

Here’s what I got!

This is a partial screenshot to show you how the names are presented. As you can see, names are chosen that go with your surname but also are selected based on whatever input you put in. Clearly some of my information was random and affected the results. There are some lovely suggestions here and there are some truly bizarre ones. One of the names had Subaru as the middle name which I found very odd. But what I like about this particular generator is that you can put in a lot of the things that you have been thinking about when you are trying to come up with a baby name. Like you want to honor your great-grandmother Hope but can’t quite seem to balance that desire with the desire of adding in something that has a nature-like feel to you. Maybe you want to consider multiple family names together to see what combinations are suggested. Maybe you want to know a little more about what fits well with your unique surname. This tool has a lot of options and gives you the ability to garner a more narrowed result than simply using something completely random.

You can also publish your results to the website and get feedback from other people on the website for the names generated to your list.

Pampers has a baby name generator

This simple tool has a selection of popular baby girl names with 2817 baby names, and popular boy names with 2183 baby names. To begin with this tool you begin by selecting the gender of your baby or choose both boys and girls to get suggestions for both. You can select a category or a theme for the baby names that you are looking for, for example, nature baby names. You can also input the country of origin so that you can get English names or Spanish names or Italian names etc.

You can also choose to set the parameter for length of a name so that you can get longer baby names or shorter baby names and you can determine what letter of the alphabet if you’d like to see names that begin with that particular letter. You can sort the names by alphabetical order or you can filter by which names are most popular. If you choose to set up an account with them you can also save your favorite baby names to your own list. has a list of the 12 Best baby name Generators, which bears mentioning.

Here are a few of their favorites:


Nymbler is a fun one because it allows you to input that one baby name you love so much–but either cannot use (maybe someone else you know has already used it and you don’t want to “copy” them) or that you cannot figure out how to incorporate into your baby name. It allows you to input the special name and get some suggestions for names that are “inspired by” that name, or are similar in some way.

In the brief tutorial, Nymbler explains “Nymbler uses artificial intelligence to personalize your search for a baby name—all in a simple, easy-to-use website. Nymbler learns which names you like (and which you don’t) and offers suggestions tailored just for you.”

In this interactive site you work with the tool to direct it to learn your likes and dislikes and steer you in the direction of names you will love.

Working like some of the popular dating apps of today, this site allows you to swipe right or left on names you like and dislike. View the meanings of each name as well. You can like, save, and share your specially chosen list of baby names.

There are a few other of these “Tinder-like” apps for finding baby names such as:

It’s all the fun of a dating app–without the creepy stuff!

Kidspot Baby Name Finder boasts over 40,000 names!

This website offers something a bit different–you can search by the meaning you are looking for. Maybe you want to see names that mean strength, solitude, independence, or leadership to get a strong name suitable for your baby. If you want to see names that bring a sense of peace, hope, unity, and charity–you can do that too.

And with a database of over 40,000 names, Kid spot has a lot of names to offer you. You can search by gender, letter, and origin. is a well-known baby names site that stands on principle

This one is less a generator and more an extensive names searching tool. recently made headlines for standing in a show of solidarity with the black community for #BlackLivesMatter. The website posted this moving statement at the top of their website:

The website’s statement caught the attention of news outlets across the country, including the New York Post.

The site does offer, among its multitude of searching features a random name generator that offers male and female names as well as gender-neutral names which are rising in popularity with the recent move toward inclusiveness on many races, genders, and sexual orientations. Many of today’s baby-name seekers are socially conscious and want to support websites, businesses, and products that put their social responsibilities to work.

The purpose of baby name generator tools are just to give you more ways to browse baby names and choose the best one for your baby. Modern technology allows us the ability to search for names that we have maybe never heard of, access with the meaning of those names are the origins, and also compare it to what’s going on in the rest of the country or the rest of the world with regards to baby naming trends. It’s a lot of fun to just plug in a few bits of information and see what the algorithm tells you. You never know when you may run into a name that you had not even thought of!

These helpful tools can also just be fun. A little bit of pressing the button to see your luck on names, or a little of swiping right and left. When it comes down to it–you’ll choose the name that is most right for your baby, one that makes you proud and serves them well. I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of fun baby name tools and best of luck with your new baby!

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