Potty training toddlers at home is a battle in itself. Convincing your toddler to keep up with their potty training routine when you’re out and about is a totally different challenge. It’s easy for your little one to run to the bathroom and hop on their training toilet in the comfort of their own home. Learning to do the same while you are away from home can be a challenge.

Distractions, excitement, and changes in their environment can make toilet training difficult, even if your child seems to have nailed it down. Realistically, you can’t stop potty training every time you leave your house and you can’t avoid going out just because your child is potty training. The good news is that with the best potty training tools, you can keep up with your child’s toilet training progress. These on-the-go essentials will help you encourage your child to continue their potty training success deal with accidents when they happen.

Here’s a list of the best potty training essentials every parent should buy to make toilet training on the go a cinch!

Best Potty Training Products for On-The-Go Success

From portable potty seats to toilet seat liners, these essentials will keep your child on track and keep their coolies clean when you’re away from home with a little one who is learning to use the toilet.

Skip Hop Grab and Go Wet/Dry Bag

Let’s be real! Accidents happen. Even kids who have become potty training pros can have an accident once in a while. That’s why the Skip Hop Grab and Go Wet/Dry Bag is a great product to keep with you when you’re out of the house. It has two separate pouches that separate items. So, if your little one has an accident, you can keep their soiled clothes separate from clean, dry items. The bag can easily be attached to your stroller or bag so you’ll have an extra set of clean underwear or pull-ups when you need them most.

Portable Hard Potty Training Toilet Seat Cover

Getting comfortable on an adult-sized toilet can make potty training difficult for kids. Potty training seats are inexpensive and compact. They’re easy to carry back and forth to family’s house, daycare, and even into restaurants and stores. There are plenty of brands and styles available online or at local stores like Walmart and Target. Some brands even offer options with popular cartoon characters or fun, bright patterns.

3-in-1 Potty Trainer

Another great option for potty training on-the-go is the multifunctional potty training toilet. Your kids can use it like a mini toilet that sits comfortably on the floor of your bathroom or any other convenient spot that makes training easy. As your child gets ready to transition, the removable ring can be used on top of any adult toilet. Most models come with removable liners that make cleaning up a breeze! You can throw it in the trunk when you’re leaving the house.

Potty Training Books

Since children absorb a lot from books, using these as a training tool is a no-brainer. Not only can you read to your kids at home, but you can throw a book in your diaper bag or purse to keep your kids occupied when you’re out. Age-appropriate board books like Daniel Goes to the Potty by Maggie Testa even talk about what happens when you need to go to the potty and you’re not at home. They teach kids that public bathrooms aren’t scary.

Toilet Seat Liners

A major concern for parents have when potty training kids on-the-go is the issue of cleanliness. Since public restrooms are frequently used, parents worry whether toilet seats are sanitary. If you want to protect your child’s bottom from dirty toilet seats, grab a pack of toilet seat liners. They come in colorful patterns and styles to distract your child from icky public restrooms. Not only do they create a sanitary barrier between dirty toilet seats and your child’s coolie, but they also make adult bathrooms kid-friendly.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are every parent’s best friend! They can clean everything from messy face and hands to your child’s rear end and a public toilet. Keep a pack of baby wipes in your car, your purse, and your diaper bag even if kids are fully potty trained. You’ll be surprised how many times you use them with your young one.


While you might keep your potty training tot in big kid underwear at home, pull-ups are a great option when you’re out. Whether it’s a long road trip or a full day at the beach, pull-ups give you the security you need to keep your child mess-free. They also help your kids get used to the motion of real underwear and provide extra absorbency for unexpected accidents.

Hand Sanitizer

Sometimes you need to stop quickly when little ones need to go to the bathroom, especially in the early stages of potty training. The urge to go can creep up on kids quickly. You might just need to pull over to the side of the road with their potty chair to avoid an accident. Additionally, public restrooms aren’t guaranteed to have the soap dispensers filled. While hand-washing is the best way to deal with germs, keeping hand sanitizer with you on-the-go is a great back up plan. Brands like Babyganics even have alcohol-free hand sanitizer to keep your child’s hands safe and germ-free.

Car Seat Protector

Most toddlers have accidents in their car seats, either when sleeping or sitting for long drives. Car seat protectors called piddle pads are a handy tool to protect your child’s car seat from getting soiled. No one wants to have the cleanup job when there’s been a bathroom accident. A car seat protector gives you peace of mind that cleaning up accidents is a whole lot easier!

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