Shopping for a potty seat can be extraordinarily complex. Parents of toddlers know all about spending time in the store staring at six different types of potties and trying to figure out which one is going to be the best one. There are different colors to choose from as well as shapes and sizes. Some go on the toilet. Some are freestanding. Some have a little lid. My nephew has one that is an exact replica of a standard white toilet down to the flushing handle. It might be one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

So what exactly should you look for in a toddler potty chair? What kinds of features are the most helpful? Does it matter at all to your child? Today will tackle these questions and provide some helpful tips for you. We will also give recommendations for a few different types of potty seats and potty chairs. Hopefully you can get one picked out and purchased in no time and get on with the business of potty training.

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How to pick a really great potty chair

With so many potty chairs out there and so many to choose from, what’s the best way to find one that will work for you, your toddler, and your budget? Here are a few things to consider before you go shopping.

Ask your friends

Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to find great products for your children and this goes for potty seats as well. Ask your family and friends or poll your Facebook friends to look for suggestions. There’s no better testimony for product performance than to ask the people who are using a product on a daily basis.

Ask the people around you what type of potty chair they bought for their toddlers, what they like about the potty chair that they got and make sure to ask them what they don’t like about it. Ask them how their children have responded to the potty chair. Maybe when they go to visit with family members they use a different type of potty chair and are having less trouble using that one.  Maybe they bought a potty seat that fits on the toilet and their toddler seems to prefer a free-standing potty chair?

Asking a few questions can get you more information than spending half a day searching through child product websites. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of information and the targeted sales ads that you have to weed through. Gather a bit of information from your family and friends and it may help to direct your search.

Go with a reputable manufacturer

When you really don’t know where to start, start with what you know.

Check out potty chairs by these well-known brands:

Consider your budget

With costs ranging from around $10-$100 or even more, budget is certainly a factor to consider when purchasing a potty seat or a potty chair. It would help to determine ahead of time what you would like to spend before you begin shopping. Choose a few options from the price range that you have preset and evaluate them before considering other options.

Consider the size of your child

You want to make sure the potty chair or potty seat that you choose fits your child well. And of course, children are all different sizes. Perhaps you can have your little one sit on multiple styles of potty chair or potty seat to see which one they seem to be more comfortable with and what fits their size the best. If you opt to go with the potty seat that fits on a standard toilet, it is possible your child will need a stepstool. If you think your child will be very uncomfortable using a stepstool and climbing up onto a potty seat on the toilet, it might be best to go with a free standing potty chair that is closer to the ground and may make them feel more comfortable.

Decide what type of potty chair you want

Similarly, you need to decide what type of potty chair you would like to purchase. There are different styles and they are used a bit differently. Here is a brief overview of what to expect:

Potty Chair


  • Freestanding
  • Easier for your child to get on
  • May be better suited to children who are nervous about climbing onto the bog potty, or are fearful of falling in the toilet.
  • Portable to other areas of the home


  • Cannot flush
  • Requires more cleaning out

Potty Seat


  • Easier to take on the go / Helpful when traveling
  • Lightweight
  • Allows children to get used to the bigger toilet
  • Great for the “I-can-do-it-myself!” child


  • May feel less sturdy or stable to your child
  • Higher up–may require a stepstool or assistance for your child to get up on the toilet

Consider your lifestyle

Lifestyle is important to consider because it affects your day-to-day process of potty training your toddler. If you are on the go a lot and a large portion of your potty training is happening at various locations, you will need to consider this when purchasing a potty chair or potty seat for your child. If you are always at home but maybe work from home and spend a lot of time in your office, it may be helpful to have a potty seat that you can move to an area that you can supervise better than spending a lot of time going back and forth to the bathroom. Consider your day-to-day routine and what you need to make that routine operate more smoothly while giving potty training the focus that it needs.

Decide whether aesthetics are important to you

For some people, aesthetics really matter. Do you want a potty chair that matches your bathroom for example? Maybe you want a gender-specific potty in pink or blue, or are seeking a gender-neutral color. Do you want something cute and fun for your child with their favorite characters on it? Perhaps you want something that is not plastic, but a more classic wooden potty chair frame with an insert. Aesthetics do matter to most people on some level because you have a vision in your mind of what it is that you are looking for. Consider this ahead of time and you can search for the specific design that would suit your aesthetic interests or be more pleasing to your child.

Choose a potty chair that is well-made

There are a lot of cheap potty chairs out there that you can find in drugstores or smaller box stores that may not be as well-made as some of the more reputable manufacturers. Examine each potty chair potty seat for durability, craftsmanship, stability, and overall quality. If it comes down to choosing between two different potty chairs, certainly go with the one that is more well-made. A well-crafted potty chair will be more stable for your child to use, will have less slippage, and will be less likely to break over the course of its lifetime. Most people want their potty chair  to serve more than one child and you don’t want it wearing out before you are done using it. Cheaper plastic models can crack or be prone to slipping across the floor and you don’t want your child to get injured.

Check for product recalls or safety issues

For any children’s product or toy, you will want to be aware of product recalls. Many parents use second hand toys and other items for their children, which is perfectly fine and a healthy decision for the environment. However, when you use something secondhand you may not be aware of any product recalls or product issues that may be involved. You can check the following link for any product recalls for the potty chair you are considering. It is advisable to do this with any product that you purchase or acquire for your children, especially if there are any safety concerns that you may have.

Recall List

Above all choose a potty chair that suits your child’s needs, that you really like and feel comfortable with, and that is safe for your child to use. We thought we’d curate a few selections for you and offer a variety of suggestions to save you a bit of time in your search.

Here are some of our selections for great potty training seats


Potty chairs are freestanding units that you can move around to whatever location you want your child to use the potty. This may be more helpful for early potty trainers or smaller children that feel safe when they are closer to the ground. They may not be quite ready yet to climb up onto the big toilet. Here are some options for freestanding potty chairs that we are sure your little ones will love.


1. BabyBjörn Potty Chair

This potty chair comes in a deep blue color and in white. It has a rubber seal around the base of the potty chair which we love. This prevents the potty chair from slipping across the floor when your child is using it which can help to provide a safer experience for your child. We also love the comfort factor of this chair as it has a sleek back and armrest design that is sure to keep your child comfortable. The removable insert makes cleaning a breeze. This chair is available for $29.99 on Amazon which makes it an affordable option.

2. Jool Baby (Aqua) Potty Training Chair

We love the Jool Baby potty training chair in gender-neutral aqua.  It has a nice  design with hand grips to make it easier for your child to get on and off. The carrying handles on the sides of the potty also make it easier to move around. The removable insert makes it easy to clean and the splash guard in the front makes it less messy. This design is durable and functional with a pleasing aesthetic so it ticks all of the boxes. It’s also affordable at $19.99 on Amazon.

3. Summer Infant My Size Potty

If you want your child to experience potty training with a toilet that looks just like yours, the Summer Infant My Size Potty is perfect. It looks just like a little toilet even with a flushing handle. There’s a compartment in the back of the potty chair to store wipes, which we think is super helpful. This potty chair is also easy to clean and with a splash guard. One super cute feature about this tiny toilet is the realistic flushing sound when your child “flushes” their toilet. It doesn’t actually flush but they do get the sound which is rewarding for all of their hard potty training work. We find this to be a great little potty to help prepare your child for using the big toilet. This potty chair is available on Amazon for $24.98, another affordable option.


Potty seats fit right onto your toilet and are a great option for children who are ready to climb up on the big toilet. They typically are removed when not in use which makes a good option for traveling. There are also versions that install on your toilet replacing your current toilet seat during the potty training process. Here are some of our picks for the best potty seats for your child to start using the big toilet in a way that is comfortable and safe for them.

1. BABYBJORN Toilet Trainer

BABYBJORN also makes a potty training seat that fits onto your toilet. We love the no-slip edge, the splash guard in the front, and the sleek design of this toilet seat. It is both durable and lightweight and would be easy to take when traveling. There is a very practical handle on the back that you can use to hang it up when it is not in use and you can’t go wrong with this reputable manufacturer. This potty chair is available for $34.99 on Amazon.

2. Jool Baby Potty Training Seat

Jool Baby does it again with a practical and simply-designed potty seat that will fit round and oval toilets. This lightweight design includes a splash guard and a free storage handle for when it is not in use. It comes in white with an aqua no-slip base and also in white with a pink no-slip base. We love the price of this durable potty seat which comes in at only$14.99 on Amazon.

3. Sundee Slow-Close Toilet Seat

For convenience, you can’t beat a toilet seat that serves both adults and children. You don’t have to continuously remove this one between uses by your child. You attach this seat and leave it in place. There is a slow-close smaller seat that you lower down over the adult seat for when the child needs to use the potty and then you simply lift it back up and out of the way. The soft-close seat avoids that slamming sound which can scare your toddler and makes it a more pleasant experience over-all for your little one. This potty chair is available for $31.99 on Amazon.

Whichever toilet seat you choose to get for your child, be sure to get their input. If your child is a bit on the pickier side, it may mean that you have to go with whatever it is that they pick out themselves. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is something your child is happy with and feels confident using. Best of luck with your potty training and be sure to check out some of our other potty training articles.

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