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Breast-feeding a baby is one of the most challenging and joyous experiences  a mother can have. It’s hard to describe the breast-feeding relationship sometimes, especially those moments that are flat-out comical. If you’re a nursing mother you know those moments that I speak of. Here at the Babienet Parenting Community, We know it’s hard to share those stories and experiences that make you laugh but seem to not be appropriate table talk at dinner. Well, your stories and your giggles and your experiences are safe here with this community. We provide a safe space for you to interact with other parents, as well as a wealth of information to help you to be the best parent you can be. Come and join us! You can also join us on Facebook or follow our Blog.

So get ready to giggle because today we’re going to talk about those silly breast-feeding moments that we all know and love. From the “nipple grin” to the “flying eagle”, let’s get started on the absurd, the comical, and the downright giggle-worthy moments of breast-feeding!

The joys of breastfeeding a baby

There are so many conversations out there and informative articles about how to breastfeed a baby, the benefits of breastfeeding a baby, and all of the important things that you need to know is a breastfeeding mother. But then you get settled into your arm chair and you’ve got your bundle of joy in your lap wiggling and squirming like nobody’s business, and playing with your nipple like it’s the most fun they’ve ever had. It’s a bizarre thing to discuss amongst your friends or family members but sometimes you just need to share that moment with a friend. It is those silly moments that really stick with me as I look back on my breastfeeding experience. Yes I remember the hardship. Yes I remember the sleepless nights and the struggles to learn latching on or the struggle to wean. I do remember all of those difficult things but the parts I miss the most are those cuddly moments that erupt into giggles.

I also remember not having anyone to talk to about those moments as a young mother. Most of my friends had gone off to college and I stayed home and had a baby very young. I was 18 years old and newly married  and let’s be honest, my husband at the time was not the person to have a breastfeeding conversation with. He was more interested in trying to sneak the baby out the front door so that he could race around the house on a go kart with his new little toy. But that is a matter for another article entirely. This is about moms and babies and nipple giggles. So without let’s get started with my favorite: the Nipple Dribble & Giggle.

The Nipple Dribble & Giggle

You all know this one. It’s that silly grin and giggle with the nipple in their mouth. Sometimes babies simply get tickled. Something makes them giggle and grin and during breast-feeding moments and this can be rather hysterical.

Your baby has that little dribble of milk coming out of the corner of their mouth and they smile with the nipple in their mouth or they start to giggle and you just can’t help but love that moment with all of your heart. Treasure these silly moments with your baby and hold them very close to your heart because these times pass by so quickly. It’s okay to have a laugh with your baby and celebrate that snuggly moment of nipple dribble and giggles that can just make breast-feeding your baby such a special time. Throw in a few tickles for good measure. 

Goofing off at dinnertime

Breast-feeding is a calming experience for mother and baby but sometimes there’s a bit of goofing off that occurs at dinner time. Table manners are out the window for breast-feeding. These moments are about snuggling, bonding, and yes some goofing off and silliness. So let the games begin and the goofing off because these fleeting moments are way too special for seriousness. Share some smiles. Play some silly music. Just let mealtime be a fun time. I assure you that your baby will get plenty to eat even when they’re being playful at dinner time.

Sometimes they’re just trying to stay awake long enough to spend more time with you. Breast-feeding has a way of putting that baby right to sleep and maybe they just want to stare into your face a little longer.

Don’t worry, the goofing off at dinner time will get a little bit easier to manage as you start teaching table manners and sitting politely with a napkin. But for this moment, let your baby enjoy you. There are too many things out there in the world that they will have to face but at this moment on this day your baby feels safe and secure and perfectly happy grabbing their mother’s nose and giggling when you blow a “raspberry” on the palm of their hand. 

Weird positions–The “Cliffhanger” and more

In a Facebook mother’s group that I participate in, there was a recent wall discussion on the weird positions that babies like to be in when they are nursing. Many of the moms shared silly pictures of their babies looking like they were going to fall right off their lap and hanging onto that nipple for dear life. Many people made suggestions as to a great name for this silly position and my favorite of those names was the “cliffhanger.”

This is the position where your baby likes to lay either on their tummy or straddling one of your knees and it appears they can barely reach your nipple but seem thoroughly comfortable in this sprawled out position.

Some babies want to lay next to you and upside down hanging over your shoulder to nurse. Whatever wacky positions they get into, as long as it gets the job done, it’s all well and good. So let your baby flop and wiggle and crawl around on you like some kind of playground while they are eating.

As ridiculous as it all looks, they are still getting the nourishment they need and enjoying wallowing all over you. Just relax and enjoy the moment. There’s no rule that says you have to cradle your baby in a certain position to breastfeed them. In fact there’s not a lot of rules about breastfeeding at all. You do what comes naturally and comfortably and happily to both you and your baby. If it looks like a hot mess, that’s totally okay. Let the breastfeeding acrobatics begin! 

People acting a fool–The Flying Eagle maneuver and more

There is no doubt that you will have family members and sometimes total strangers that act a complete fool when you unbutton your blouse and expose even a portion of your breast to feed your baby. One mom shared in a recent Facebook post that I read about her mother-in-law flying in all spreadeagled like some kind of flying Eagle maneuver. She spread her arms out and used her body as a defensive shield to protect the world from potentially seeing a portion of a breast. Thus begins the frantic search for a blanket or cover-up of some sort to hide this scene from the public. God forbid other children or even men might get a glimpse of your skin! You and I know that these moments are anything but graphic. They are natural and beautiful moments and there’s no reason to act a complete idiot about the whole thing. While you and your baby are relaxing into something totally normal, sometimes other people just act all crazy about it. I say just ignore them and carry on with what you are doing. Instead of being offended, try to see the comedy of it all.

Some breastfeeding moms handle these uncomfortable moments with humor. I wasn’t one of those moms and the snarky comments and ridiculous behavior of other people truly hurt my heart. If I would go back I would likely respond with a little more lighthearted humor on my part. When the mother-in-law is flying around like a bald eagle and throwing blankets over your head, just make sure to get in a good laugh. You might even point out that they’re acting a bit absurd. You might even point out that it’s not you and your baby making a scene, but they are the ones drawing all of the attention.

Some moms respond by losing all sense of modesty and becoming even more bold. But you can’t go wrong with a little bit of humor and a whole lot of relaxed response. You have to let their craziness not rub off on you because nursing your baby is an intimate moment and even though there are spectators at times, the moment is truly between you and your baby.

New nursing babies suck on skin–any skin!

When I first began taking my new breast-feeding baby out into the public  to church, or to family functions, I often had to explain why when they held my baby for the first time that my baby tried to suck on their nose or their face or their ear or their neck or their shoulder or their arm. People are simply trying to hold and admire the baby and anytime their skin gets anywhere near a breastfeeding baby’s mouth, that little mouth starts going to work sucking on the side of the person’s arm. These moments always lead to giggling. Sometimes the moment is a little awkward but it’s always funny to watch.

Breastfeeding babies look for skin and as soon as skin touches their face they are ready to go. It is hysterical to watch the reactions of people when a breastfeeding baby makes contact with their face. When a baby tries to suck on your nose, you just can’t help but feel joyous inside. They are so tiny and innocent and sweet and these moments make it all the more special. Any bit of skin can tease your baby into that cute little sucking face and rooting behavior. So go ahead and explain to the new baby admirer that your baby is breastfed. And don’t forget to say it with confidence. If you react with calm confidence you are sharing your experience and normalizing breastfeeding for the other person who is holding your baby. Any opportunity that we get to normalize breastfeeding is a good thing for ourselves and for our breastfeeding babies. 

The milk-coma–Is your baby drunk?

I swear there is something in breastmilk that makes a baby drunk. You’ve seen it right? They loll their head back and their eyes roll around a bit and milk dribbles out of the side of their mouth. They appear to be unresponsive at times or unable to lift their limbs. It’s like the breast milk goes straight to their head and makes them drunk with breastfeeding ecstasy. Whatever natural sorcery is in that breastmilk, none of us really know, but we do know that milk buzz that our babies get that makes them so deliriously happy and relaxed. I used to call this the milk-coma.

I’m not sure why babies get this reaction to nursing or what it is that causes this state of what appears to be delirium, only that it is a very enjoyable thing for both mother and baby. There’s nothing quite like that breastfeeding food coma, and the relaxed moments afterward that you can share with your baby. Sometimes it’s rather funny and other times it just makes you feel all wonderful inside.

This world is such a big and scary place and to have a moment snuggled up with your baby who seems to be oblivious to anything and everything in the world but you is just a blessing that cannot be traded for anything at all. Again, enjoy these moments because they are fleeting and they are brief and sometimes in a matter of just a few months it’s all behind you and your toddler is running from one end of the house to the other. You’ll look back on those moments when your baby fell asleep with milk dribbling from the side of their mouth and a smile on their face and falling into those eyes-rolling moments of dream and you’ll wish you could experience it just one more time.


Whether you are dealing with a super playful breastfeeding baby or an erratic and ridiculous family member who seems to scoot around the room in a state of disarray every time you nurse your baby, or whether your baby is a milk coma dribbler or acrobatic ninja, enjoy the comical moments of breast-feeding. After all, isn’t motherhood difficult enough? Aren’t you tired a lot or frustrated a lot? You need these moments of comical relief to help you deal with the stresses and pressures of parenting.

When your babies are too big for wallowing all over your lap to nurse or they are too independent to sit and nurse themselves to sleep, you’ll miss these moments. So enjoy them while they last and get in all the giggles and cuddles that you can. And yes take pictures of that silly grin with a nipple in their mouth. Whether or not you feel comfortable sharing them to social media or sharing them with family and friends, you will still at least have those pictures to look back upon. There’s nothing quite so beautiful to a mother as that silly grin with a nipple in their mouth. Whether you can share that at the next book club is questionable but perhaps those little moments will be begin normalizing breastfeeding just a little bit more. After all, comedy is something we can all relate to.

Thanks for being here and being a part of this community and I welcome you to read some of our other articles or share your stories with us. We’d love to hear your silly breastfeeding stories. Leave us a comment and share your hysterical breastfeeding adventures! 

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