Here are 10 of the best toddler advice websites

The Internet is choc-full of information for any parent or caregiver. You may find yourself googling “toddler advice websites,” “how to potty train your toddler,” and “how to get your toddler to eat their broccoli,” all before lunchtime.

There are so many articles and resources out there that sometimes it feels a bit like wading through a gigantic pile of advertisements, mom blogs, and news stories.How can you keep from going down a rabbit hole of websites and distractions when you are are busy keeping up with curious toddler hands and quickly moving toddler feet? You need to have your favorite go-to websites for toddler advice and support on the ready.

Here are a few websites that I have found are very informative, personable and interesting, and provide a great wealth of information for parents and caregivers who just need a little backup when it comes to raising a toddler.

Toddlers can be the greatest joy but can also be quite perplexing and challenging. They have quickly changing needs and to stay on top of those questions that you have, here are some websites that you can bookmark and come back to when you need them.

I took a look at many (MANY) websites and selected a few I think will be your go-to’s, based on their fun and inviting layout, ease of use, informative and quality articles, and popularity. The first one is a given–our website here at Babienet!

10 Toddler Advice Websites You Should Bookmark

1.  Babienet

The Babienet community is a fairly new one but the premise behind this website is very unique. Who better knows what it’s like to be in the trenches every day with a screaming toddler who won’t take their nap when you have had very little sleep and just need five minutes to yourself? Other parents!

The easy-to-navigate Blog site features all kinds of topics and the toddler topic is a hot one. You can find articles like Best Toddler and Baby Fun Apps, Parenting Tips for Toddlers, and 7 Effective Ways to Discipline Toddlers.

Babienet is also building an impressive following across social media (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) so you can be sure to develop a supportive community of parents there who understand just what you are going through. Other parents are a wealth of information that will help you to answer those burning toddler questions.

2.  New Parent

New Parent website by New Parent Media, Inc. has a great tab for toddler articles of all topics like Is My Child Struggling in Pre-School? What Can I Do?, Coping with Toddler Whining, and Help, My Toddler is Having Night Terrors! The website layout is easy to read and has a helpful search bar for finding just the article you need. I find this website to be a fun interface that doesn’t make you feel like you are reading the “news” or informational materials. The articles are quick reads, fun, and informative. You can also sign up for the Resident Mom newsletter or enter in giveaways.

3.  Bundoo

Bundoo is a “physician-driven / parent-loved” website that offers articles, advice, and more written and approved by physicians. The focus of the website is expectant mothers and parents of children ages 0-4. Bundoo was named Official Honoree for the Webby Awards in the Family/Parenting category.

Fever 101 is a collection of articles that will prepare you for all things “fever” and empower you to face the toddler runny noses and fevers like a champ. Consult this online resource for lots of medical and developmental advice for your toddler parenting skillset.


Parenting website offers great tips for parenting toddlers from teaching better manners to keeping your relationship strong in the midst of toddler parenting. This website has it all, including all things “toddler.” A spin off from the long-lived Parenting magazine, this website has a selection under the toddler tab that includes:

5.  Weelicious

It can’t all be about tantrums and potty training–as a toddler parent, you know feeding a toddler is a challenge all its own! Weelicious was chosen by readers of Parenting magazine as the website with the “Yummiest Toddler Recipes.”

From the toddler who only eats green beans to the one who is afraid of his veggies, the chicken nugget and macaroni addict, to the one who only wants to eat PB & J, this website will give you great ideas to shake things up in the kitchen with toddler-friendly recipes that make things fun and nourishing. Get your toddler a tiny apron and dive in to this fun website!

6.  Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic is a well-known resource for parents and caregivers. The medical information as well as psychological articles are helpful to find supportive information, medical knowledge, and parenting advice, including for the toddler age. Here is a sample from one of their articles Infant and toddler health, Parenting tips: How to improve toddler behavior:

But you can teach your toddler to behave well by providing love, clear rules and a degree of routine. Consider these practical parenting tips.

●    Show your love

●    Prioritize rules

●    Prevent tantrums

  • Natural consequences.
  • Logical consequences.
  • Withholding privileges.
  • Timeouts

●    Enforce consequences

●    Set a good example

You can read the full article, detailing each of these headings with helpful, clear, direct, and actionable advice for toddler parenting at Parenting tips: How to improve toddler behavior. You’ll want to bookmark the Mayo Clinic website as it is not only a reliable website for your toddler parenting needs, but also for a myriad of other article resources to help your family’s needs. There’s also a search engine on the site to help you find doctors that are local to you.

7. is a fantastic resource for education advice, safety tips, reading tips, childcare information, and to keep up with legal issues that affect your toddler. Just a simple search for “toddler” in the search engine on their site pulls up this helpful list of articles on everything from toddler development, raising healthy toddlers, and important information of toddler vaccines.

Think of this website as a library of resources for you providing article links from across the web for toddler advice and parenting tips.

Staying informed is easy with this site in your wheelhouse. Besides, you never know when you’ll need something like this and quickly:  When your child has diarrhea, (for those days when parenting a toddler gets “icky.”)

8. Parenting Tookit

Parenting Tookit, by NBC News Education Nation, a 2016 Webby winner for parenting websites, is a no-nonsense, one-stop resource for parents. The site has sections for children by age group and the Early Education section focuses on the Pre-K and Kindergarten age. But there are also many toddler-specific articles that are for younger toddlers as well. This website is informative with reliable material that takes a holistic approach to parenting.

The Parenting Toolkit website helps to inform parents through stages of development and is a great support for getting the most for your child’s health and their education. It is a great spot to browse educational resources by age group.

9.  Fatherly

Dads..we got you. Fatherly is a website for fathers, but moms–you can come too! If you need a little comradery, a bit of comic relief, and some entertaining toddler stories, this is a site to lift your spirits when your toddler seems to be draining your patience.

Parents need a bit of comic relief…right? Especially in those testy toddler days when each minute can seem like hours when the toddler isn’t happy. Websites like Fatherly understand and make parenting a bit more fun.

Here’s a fun article on Fatherly that came out in February of this year, showing some of the hilarious unanswerable questions that toddlers sometimes have.

Reddit Thread Explodes With Parents Sharing Unanswerable Toddler Questions

Image source: Fatherly

10.  VeryWell Family

One of my favorite go-to websites is VeryWell Family from the health-based sites under the umbrella of VeryWell, with loads of quality articles on a wide variety of topics. Using the site’s search feature you can find everything from How To Handle and Discourage Toddler Biting to Tips to Help You Stay Sane on a Vacation With Your Toddler.

For example, bathtime was always such a fun time for me as a kid, as well as for all of my siblings, but it can be quite terrifying for some toddlers, or a toddler (as they do with lots of things) will suddenly decide–NOPE. No bath. Then what? VeryWell’s got your back with helping your toddler learn to love bathtime. Win!

VeryWell Family helps parents through the trenches of toddlerhood. Whatever behavioral bump in the road you are experiencing with your little one, VeryWell Family has lots to offer for the frustrated parent of a little whirlwind human–one that has teeth and sometimes kicking feet!

There’s the shortlist but a word of advice on advice

How can you decipher between the fluff articles on so many websites offering conflicting advice and the advice you can count on? Proceeding with a bit of skepticism and reading multiple articles on the same topic to get a “feel” for the common threads will help you.

 The Difference Between Good and Bad Advice by Heidi Grant Halvorson Ph.D. is an article discussing the ins and outs of “advice” in general. Dr. Halvorson, author of Succeed: How We Can Reach Our Goals, writes that most advice out there is written by well-meaning people, but in all actuality is not very good advice.

In her study of what makes for good advice, she has come up with two important parameters by which we should measure all advice:

  • Good advice is true.
  • Good advice is concrete – it has steps.

I would add a few parameters to this, especially with regards to parenting advice.

  • Good advice, yes is true and actionable–but it also empowers you to parent better on the whole.
  • Good advice is timely–it is what you need, when you need it.
  • Good advice gives you hope for your situation.
  • Good advice is often a small piece to a larger puzzle.

So, you are seeking comes from a site full of parents just like you, navigating the toddler years, or whether the articles you are reading are written by a child’s physician, it is the conglomerate of all of these pieces about vice that help you when you need it. Sometimes the advice is medically based and sometimes it’s simply the advice of someone who has been there.

It takes a village, truly. Finding value in the experiences of others can help to validate what you are going through, help to confirm your approach, or give you new insight on the proble. It can help you plan and prepare for upcoming milestones.

When you are tackling a toddler problem it may take multiple resources and multiple articles for you to get a good handle on a new plan.

When considering a toddler advice source, consider:

  • Who wrote the article and what are their credentials?
  • What year was the article written–is it still relevant?
  • How credible is the information provided?
  • What are the stakes of trying said advice and having it not work?
  • Is it something you feel comfortable trying?

Consult the village–but as a parent, trust your gut instincts. Above all, the toddler years are as delightful as they are difficult. Make sure to capture the beautiful memories of this precious time, focus on the positive, and hang in there!

This article is brought to you by a mom and grandmother who’s been there, and by the folks at the Babienet community!

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Christina M. Ward,
Babienet blog contributor
Proud mother of 3 and  grandmother of 2

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