Some of the greatest of all time and new toddler toy trends

If you have a toddler in your life, then you know how much fun it is shopping for toys for the toddler age group. Everything is brightly colored and makes cute little noises. And some of the most iconic toys are made just for toddlers. The toddler age is an exciting time of learning and growing and experimenting with learning. Toys designed just for the toddler age group can be fun for children of all ages. We will cover some of the iconic toys that you knew and loved as a child, but also some new toddler toys that are taking the toy market by storm. 

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When you’re buying toys for the toddler age group, there’s a few things to keep in mind. First of all, you want to make sure the toys are age-appropriate. Did you know that the American Academy of pediatrics says that children under two shouldn’t be watching television or having screen time? Or that toddler should have limited screen time? It seems many children in the toddler age group are now spending more time on their parents phones than they are sitting on the floor and playing with toys. Toys are extremely important to child development, especially toddlers as they are learning fine motor skills and figuring out how things work. Here are some of the most important things to consider when choosing the best toys for the toddler age group.

Keep it Simple

You don’t need all the bells and whistles and fancy gadgets to keep a toddler happy. What is important about toddler playtime is that they are learning by doing. If a child is merely watching a toy do what a toy does then that promotes passive behavior and could lead to a more passive lifestyle down the line. Which is probably the link between toddler screen time and recommendations against that. What is better for toddlers is to have a toy that they can manipulate with their fingers and hands, use their minds to figure out, and which offers playtime without loud and disruptive noises.

A simple pile of blocks or a bowl and a spoon with some objects to stir are all very simple ways to keep toddlers occupied. Keep your toddler toys fairly simple so your toddler will not be overwhelmed by concepts that are beyond their reach for the toddler age group.

Keep it Safe

The US Consumer Product and Safety Commission evaluates and ranks toys for us so that we know what toys are safe for our children. Most toys that you buy will have a recommended guideline for the age group, it is best suited for with regards to safety. Please adhere to these guidelines as they are put in place to protect your children. Toys for the toddler age group will be evaluated on standards that include their health and physical safety by ways such as protecting their hearing or keeping them from choking.

Choose Toys that Appeal to the Toddler Age Group

If you are not familiar with a toddler, or don’t necessarily spend a lot of time with toddlers, it can be a bit hard to shop for kids in the toddler age group. It all looks very shiny and noisy and choosing something to buy for that precious niece or nephew could be a little bit difficult. You want to find things that will appeal to the toddler age. If you have to ask family and friends or do a little online research, you can quickly find out what general types of toys are interesting to the toddler age group before you go out to shop for that birthday gift or Christmas gift.

What are Some of the Best Toys for the Toddler Age Group?

It’s really hard to narrow down a list for you, but here are some recommendations for toys we think are great for keeping your little toddlers happily playing. (Yes, we love Melissa & Doug and Fisher-Price!)

Our Best Toy Recommendations

Finding fantastic toys for the toddler age group is as simple as looking at some of the time-tested and well loved toys from our past. Some of these toys have been around for decades and meet the safety standards for today’s regulations. There are also some great new toys that are entertaining toddlers everywhere. Here are some of the best!

Play time for the toddler age group is all about learning and developing skills that will serve your child throughout their life. What just looks like a whole lot of fun, is actually an instinctual form of learning. If you are careful about the types of toys you provide your toddler, and make sure to get toys in a wide variety of categories, you can help your toddler learn and develop fine and gross (large-sale) motor skills, communication and social skills, and self-regulating skills.

In Conclusion

It’s not hard to find really good toys for the toddler age group–they are literally in every toy store and on sites all over the web. Just don’t get too wrapped up in playing with the toys (it can be tempting!) to make sure it really is a good toy for a toddler. Look for the recommended age group on the packaging or do a quick Google search on the product. Remember, safety first! 

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